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Free Space Optics Laser Solutions

High data throughput building to building (point to point) LAN networking now has a cost effective and secure solution available for times when traditional cable is not an option or just very expensive.

Data Rates

Data throughputs from 100MPBS up to 1.25GBPS are achieved through selecting the appropriate product set for the installation.

Licence-free operation

Operators of FSO systems do not need to obtain licences for their equipment.


Installation costs are reduced and recurring lease line costs are eliminated. This gives you a very fast return on your investment.

Interference Free

Because FSO solutions use infrared light for communication; the performance of FSO Laser Solutions is not affected by electro-magnetic noise & other external sources of interference.

Secure data transmission

Free space transmission is one of the safest transmission methods of its type because interception of data is virtually impossible with the concentrated beam and physical placement of the equipment.

Excellent price/performance

FSO Laser solutions have low cost per bit ratios.

Dual Path RF Backup Link

By bundling two Layer 2 switches with two high-performance 5GHz range license free radios we can provide a high-availability upgrade option for all Free Space Optical Wireless solutions.

Deploying a bundled Dual path RF link as a back up to the FSO link provides seamless, sub-second fail over between primary (Optical Wireless) and backup (RF) links providing up to 99.99% network availability even in fog. Tailored switch configuration minimizes flapping issues and port closures while providing network management functionality.


High bandwidth capability has become a must in today’s data network environments. Whether your need is for Disaster Recovery SAN replication in real-time between sites, use of high bandwidth applications, or reducing & even eliminating recurring expensive leased line costs, FSO technology now provides a cost effective solution to bridge multiple LAN’s.