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Cable Works, an Australian owned and operated company, prides itself on being a cutting-edge designer, supplier and installer of technology and telecommunications infrastructure. With a team of highly accredited technicians offering Australia-wide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.      

Australia Wide Capability
Project Delivery
Site Audit And Record Control
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The following sections summarise the services Cable Works has to offer. The benefits to the
Customer are realised right from the quotation stage. Confidence in knowing that the project
can be delivered on time and within budget, coupled with certified lifetime warranties can
amount to a significant financial saving, both in on-going repairs and ensuring the networks
are operating at optimum up-time and not failing due to poor cabling techniques. Here are
some other benefits of using Cable Works for your cabling needs.


Use of one service provider for all Data, Telephone, Electrical, Video and Fibre Optic cabling
needs with the capability to deliver projects in all States either through a Cable Works branch
office or an affilliated technical dealer.


When appropriate, a time line stating key milestones will be documented and agreed by both
parties. Agreed Key Performance Indicators will be utilised to measure the success of project
delivery or appropriate stage. A Project Manager would be appointed and become the responsible
officer for that project.


Cable Works offers its customers a service of managing the Records control for its customers
cabling plant installations.This can result after a request to audit an existing customer site or
following the implementation of a new installation.

Cable Works would create and then control the master copy of the site records. Distribution
of these records would be date and version controlled and distributed to only those people on
the authorised list fulfilling quality assurance requirements. The exact requirements and
specifications would be agreed as part of the project.


In addition to the installation and maintenance services listed, Cable Works is capable of providing
its customers a quarterly (more or less frequent if required) report outlining a summary of all
requests for work during the relevant period. An agreed format and content can be determined
if this would add value to the service.